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Proxemia connects the people of Los Angeles to common interest groups with a missional focus.

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Music. Sports. Parenthood. Social justice. Shared interests unite us and give us a sense of belonging. But in a city with thousands of new residents annually, it can be hard to find where you fit. Proxemia makes it our mission to connect people. No matter your passion or season, we’ll help you find your place.
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Service? It's an outgrowth of connection. As you do life with your group, we hope you’ll be inspired to serve your community. Social justice groups might attend town hall meetings and City Council events. Parenting groups might choose to mentor local students. Artists might focus on community beautification. You’ll make a difference in communities across Los Angeles
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One of the best ways to invest in yourself is to invest in others. We offer a mentoring program to help Middle School students transition to online learning. Our mentors will help teach essential life skills that will facilitate stronger student engagement.
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Our interest groups undertake passion-driven projects that fan out across the community. We seek out strategic partnership to leverage and sustain resources. We’re passionate about forging and cultivating relationships with local stakeholders. Engaged communities embrace and sustain change. We love that.


Through community-focused action, Proxemia serves the most vulnerable. Whether it’s the lonely, the at-risk, the homebound, or the poor, we meet the needs of the greater Los Angeles area with generosity of spirit and resources. More specfically, our team is listening to students and finding new ways we can help them become successful online students.

Decentralized Leadership

At Proxemia, we’re not big on hierarchies. Our non-profit is made up of a team of leaders from diverse backgrounds. This organic structure empowers groups to operate with autonomy, mastery, and purpose.

Diversity & Inclusivity

Proxemia values diverse leadership and perspectives. In fact, we thrive on it. Diversity promotes change, growth, and innovation by encouraging the consideration of alternate perspectives before action takes place. Our leaders and members are (and always will be) from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

Group Connections and mentors

Proxemia’s common interest groups serve as the hub of community life.
We are building a team of mentors to work with students,
supporting them in making the transition to online learning.
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About Us

When I first moved to Los Angeles from a small town in Michigan, I felt lonely and disconnected. New people, new job, new neighborhood. It was a definite sink-or-swim situation. Luckily at that time, I also played in a band. Slowly I began carving out small communities of fellow musicians. Those meet-ups? They became my life preserver. My on-ramp to connection.

Fast forward to seminary. I ramped up my passion for community groups, and worked at cultivating strategic partnerships, leadership development, curriculum development, programming, and fundraising. Soon after, I realized: Thousands of people move to Los Angeles each year. Singles. Couples. Kids. Adults. That leaves A LOT of people craving relationships. Craving community. Proxemia was born. 

If you’re in a sink-or-swim situation, I can’t wait to connect you with a sustainable and inclusive community of like-minded people. Follow us on social media and send me a message above to get connected. Stay tuned for the release of the Proxemia Podcast – coming soon!

I look forward to connecting with you!

~ Ryan C. Brown, Community Pastor/Founder and Director 

Are you interested in supporting innovation within the church? We’re always looking for people, churches, and institutions to further the community mission of Proxemia. If you’d like to be a financial partner, please consider donating.

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